What? A podcast for kids?

It's true! This week I launched a pretty awesome project: a new podcast called The Buzz: Kids Edition based on Trending: How and why stuff gets popular (Owlkids, 2020). The book came out right at the beginning of the pandemic, so I thought it could use a little extra love. Besides, podcasts are so fun! Have you ever been too tired to read at the end of the night, but your busy brain won't calm down? (Guilty!) Or maybe you're on a long car trip, but reading makes you feel car sick. Instead, listen to a podcast to learn, and be entertained too.

What's the book (and podcast) about? Fads! Trends! Crazes! They decode the frenzied world of fads and explore how fads take off and spread. How they can be crafted to lure you in. And how some viral fads can even turn downright dangerous.... (Like, as in murder dangerous!)

You can find the podcast on any podcast app (just remember to type in the whole name when you search) or right here.

Happy listening!

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