Growing Up, Inside and Out

Growing Up, Inside and Out

Red Maple Nominee

"I love how it is so open and says things some teachers might even be scared to say!"

Puberty is something humans have gone through, quite literally, forever. But that doesn't mean the experience has stayed the same or that there's nothing new to say about the topic. Statistically, kids are hitting puberty earlier than ever. Current attitudes toward sexual behavior or orientation, body image, bullying, mental health, and a host of other related subjects are linked to the changes going on in kids' heads, hearts, and bodies.

While bodily changes are the most obvious signs that a kid is growing up, they're not always the first (or most stressful) signs. Why does it feel so weird to cry now? How can you tell if someone is really your friend? Is it okay to have a crush on someone who's the same sex as you? These kinds of questions (and answers) are what separates Growing Up, Inside and Out from other books — it tackles how boys' and girls' emotions change during puberty rather than just what happens to body parts (although that's in here, too).

And though puberty can often look different for boys and girls (growing facial hair versus getting a period), kids may be surprised by what all their classmates have in common: crushes, acne, anxiety, getting mad at their parents. Not only does Growing Up, Inside and Out break with the tradition of having separate books for separate sexes, it unites kids by showing them that there are things that everyone goes through.

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“With refreshing directness and good humor, this handbook to puberty covers social and emotional as well as physical changes…. This engaging presentation of solid and important information deserves a wide audience.”
(Kirkus Reviews)

"The author is refreshingly honest and reassuring about the anxiety that arises at this time of life."
(Student Library Journal)

“A straight-talking guide to the roller coaster of puberty ... good humoured, conversational style and [an] abundance of great advice. (Quill and Quire, Starred Review)

Parents, interested adults, teachers and guidance counselors...get this into the hands of your tweens and teens, and use it to begin talking about issues that may be difficult to explore. It is a great starting point."
(Sal's Fiction Addiction)

What kids and teens say.

“Wow... what a bold, bold book! This is amazing as not many authors would be willing to venture out and speaks to what no one really wants to hear about... but should! Kira Vermond did an excellent job making this book informative, and beyond your typical puberty book.”

“This book was extremely, extremely informative. Extremely informative. It definitely covered more about puberty than I learned in school.”

“I love how it is so open and says things some teachers might even be scared to say!”

“This book is extremely informative and detailed, it talks about physical and emotional changes as well as relationships/love, health, body image, sexual orientation and bullying. It's all you need to know as an adolescent going through puberty.”

And yeah… thumbs up for honesty.

“Well… I didn't really like the book. Not because it's bad, (but) because this book is really not my type. However, I have to say this book is informative, and well detailed.”