Half-Truths and Brazen Lies: An Honest Look at Lying

Here’s a short blurb that we just couldn’t wedge into the pages discussing hoaxes and April Fool’s jokes. Too bad. I love the idea of a left-handed hamburger!


Watch those penguins fly

The spaghetti hoax started a tradition of running false and funny stories in the news each April 1st. Companies have gotten in on the action too because fakery can be good publicity.

  • Taco Bell, the Mexican fast-food restaurant, once claimed it had bought the Liberty Bell, a symbol of American independence, and would call it the Taco Liberty Bell.
  • Google announced people could use its new Mentalplex Technology to search the internet using telepathy. Google could read your mind!
  • A 2008 advertisement stated that Burger King was offering a brand new Left-handed Whopper. Pickles were rotated so the lettuce and sauce would be less likely to spill out the right side of the burger.
  • The BBC presented “evidence” that a new colony of penguins could fly thousands of miles to bask in the warmth of rainforests. (There’s no word on how many birdbrains believed it though.)

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