The Secret Life of Money: A Kid’s Guide to Cash

The Secret Life of Money: A Kid's Guide to Cash

Red Maple Nominee

“A user-friendly guide packed with so many invaluable tips that adults may want to browse it too.”

It’s pretty clear that money is important to people. We work hard to earn it, dream of winning it, and always want more of it than we’ve got. But why is that? And just what does it all have to do with marshmallows, saliva, and the price of tulips?

The Secret Life of Money helps kids see the surprising ways that cash affects much more than just the bank accounts and investments of adults. Drawing upon everything from strange tales to the newest studies, this book unravels the mysterious ways of money and reveals its true identity: a weird, fun, and above all, understandable part of everyone’s lives. Even those of kids.

Meet the illustrator, Clayton! 

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"Casual yet comprehensive...Readers landing a first job or opening a bank account should find insightful tips for developing a healthy and levelheaded relationship with money."
(Publishers Weekly)

"This chatty guide to money works to make the subject appealing to middle-schoolers...A good guide for beginners and browsers."
(Kirkus Reviews)

"Vermond clearly finds the topic fascinating, and her informal and approachable text, which doesn't sacrifice solid information in the name of chattiness, may help win over readers who might otherwise shudder at the mention of compound interest, subprime lending, or credit rating"

"A perceptive and timely publication on financial literacy for a new generation"
(School Library Journal)

"Comprehensive, easily read, engaging, and approachable respect for children as intelligent learners capable of understanding concepts many adults find confusing. In fact, adults might consider reading the book not only to foster dialogue with their kids, but to learn a few things themselves."
(Quill & Quire)

"A user-friendly guide packed with so many invaluable tips that adults may want to browse it too...Highly recommended"
(A Midwest Book Review)

"The Secret Life of Money makes a significant contribution to the current demand in our society for young people to receive education in financial literacy...Highly recommended."
(CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials)

"Kira Vermond successfully accomplishes a nearly impossible task – making the subject of money fun, humorous, and easy-to-read for excellent addition to the topic for children ages 10 to 14. Readers will walk away better informed about global financial issues and empowered about their role in impacting themselves and their world."
(Canadian Children's Book News)

"An excellent resource for teachers from grades 5 to 10 who teach both math and business related subjects."
(Resource Links)

"Highly recommended, this is a fun and engaging book."